• My First Full Day In Paris

    Paris! I’m inside you! I spent my first full day in Paris today. I’ve never been to this city I’ve heard so much about so I’m excited to spend the next two weeks here. I’m really exhausted from traveling and sleeping only 6 hours the past couple days so I kept it easy today.

    I woke up early to meet Kristina, a blogger friend from LA who now lives in Paris. I just had to get my cliche picture of the Eiffel Tower so we met at the Trocadero station to take some pics. I’m staying here in Paris with my cousin and she has no desire to do any touristy stuff so I’m finding my blogger friends in Paris to do things with me.

    I took the metro for the first time ever and it was pretty easy. I’ve always been a bit nervous traveling alone in countries that are non-english speaking even though I know many people speak English in Paris. I guess I feel a bit weird because my parents are from Haiti and I grew up speaking French Creole which is a broken French so I understand a lot of French but I wish I could speak it much better. So in a way I’m embarrassed that I can’t communicate properly in French. I should have brushed up on it more before I came!

    Anyway, it was magical to see the Eiffel Tower person it’s so magnificent. It’s definitely something to check off my bucket list! I also want to see it a night when it’s all lit up. Afterwards we went to have hot chocolate at Carette nearby and let me tell you!! Hot chocolate in Paris is ridiculously good. It’s like magical. And they serve it with a fresh thick whipped cream to put on top, I meannnn. Sooo amazing!!

    Currently exhausted and ready to sleep 12 hours before I tackle another day. I’m really trying to make the most of my last couple weeks in Europe even though I’m really ready to go home. But I’m not taking any second for granted, I wouldn’t change this experience for the world. xx

    Wearing: Pretty Little Thing top, H&m pants, Zara boots and bag, Lasula Coat



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