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    diy feather heels_20150811_9818 diy feather heels_20150811_9824_1 diy feather heels_20150811_9825 diy feather heels_20150811_9831I have to admit I was never that big into eyebrows. I stopped getting them done probably around 8 years ago after a girl I worked with told me they looked weird. When I let them grow out I realized I actually had nice eyebrows (word of advice,  don’t let your daughter start to go to the wax lady at 13!) My eyebrows are naturally shaped and once I embraced how nice they were naturally I would just pluck a few stray hairs and use Anastaisias Clear Eyebrow Gel to keep them in place. Fast forward to about 6 months ago when I started to get really into makeup (yes only 6 months ago lol) and wanted my eyebrows to look a little more perfect. I mean if you’re going to put makeup on you might as well make your face look flawless darling and kept insta-stalking all these girls with perfect eyebrows and wanted in.

    Anyhoooo rewind to about 2 or 3 months ago when I was Introduced to Zoey Van Jones. Not only is it a studio in Pasadena that caters to eyebrow shaping and dying (as well as makeup application and other waxing services), but Zoey also has the best products I’ve used so far on my eyebrows. To be honest, she didn’t have to do much just a little shape up with the wax but dying my eyebrows was amazing because it made them look filled in even when I had no makeup on. Let me tell you it wasn’t until recently I realized how eyebrows can change your life…well more like your face but you get it. My bf kept saying you don’t need to do your eyebrows they look good already and when I came back from the studio he was like wow they look even better!

    So I wanted to share my eyebrow routine since I’m so happy about my little brows lately.

    First I go to Zoey, who is amazing, to get my eyebrows shaped up and dyed. I like them thicker so she doesn’t take much off, just all the stray hairs to make it perfect. Then she dyes them which makes them a little darker and look more filled in.

    For the next days between my next appointment, here’s what I do to my brows as a part of my makeup routine:


    1. I shape up my brow with her eyebrow pencil in brunette. My eyebrows are little round so I like to square them off a little on top. Always use a sharp pencil to shape your brows and start from the ends and work your way in making sure not to have a very slight ombre effect on your brows. Otherwise you will have angry bird eyebrows where they look to harsh.


    2. Then I used the brow shadow duo in brunette and brush to fill in anything the pencil may have missed.  I love that the shadow duo is in two colors so I can darken the edges and keep the inside brow a little lighter. After I use the dual brow brush I use the opposite end to comb out my brows to erase any stray lines and even out the color.







    3. If I’m feeling froggy I’ll add the tinted brow gel to keep my eyebrows in place all day also in brunette.ZVJ_Gel_bddd3887-48fe-4647-81c9-293f5ebba22b_1024x1024

    I’m in love with these products. By far the best I have used in my eyebrow journey thus far. I’m so happy I found Zoey Van Jones and now I’m all about that eyebrow girl! Shop them all HERE xx


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