• Miss Enocha

    Black and white suit sweatpants_0331I originally started Locks and Trinkets as an outlet for my personal style and music. As the years rolled by it turned mostly into a personal style blog where I would share my daily outfits. You see, music has always been my number one love. I am a singer/songwriter and of the 1% that actually graduated from Berklee College of Music. After undergrad I moved to LA for about a year and did the whole starving musician thing. Overwhelmed and lonely, I ended up moving back home. Following what society said, I ended up getting my Masters in Marketing Communications and looking for a job because that’s what you’re supposed to do right? With that degree I was ready to face LA once again. And so this landed me in different jobs in the fashion world, my second love. Plus getting so many opportunities through fashion blogging, I was thrilled and intrigued by this new world I had discovered. But working in fashion made me realize I really have no passion to work in this industry (I mean we’re making shirts people not saving lives, calm down!) and while I was busy hating every job I had, music somehow got pushed to the wayside.

    It really made me realize, why settle for less than what you truly want to do in life? If I hate working these jobs, how about I just don’t work them! I kept trying to force things just to pay the bills, but that ain’t life (my new life motto). And so I left my job, moved home for a bit and decided to work on music full time. While you will still see my personal style peek through, I have reincarnated Locks and Trinkets back to it’s original intent— as and outlet to share my musical and life journey with you. The ups, the downs, the craziness and frustrations as I work on creating my debut album. I’m taking a pause to start anew to do what I aimed to do all along, create music. From the mountain of distractions I kept piling onto my actual dreams it still persevered and broke through in the end.

    Locks and Trinkets was always supposed to be my little keepsake, a diary of my journey to share with whoever was out there willing to listen. A reminder to the world that dreams are real and it’s never too late to follow them. So thanks for listening.

    Miss Enocha