• Metallic Winter

    Hidden Fashion_2154 Hidden Fashion_2166 Hidden Fashion_2168 Hidden Fashion_2191 Hidden Fashion_2202 Hidden Fashion_2218Hidden Fashion_2254Last weekend’s sermon was basically about letting go and letting God, knowing there’s a plan for you and to be patient. I found myself lately being sick of being here, SO sick of the cold, so anxious to start the projects waiting for me out West, that I started rushing things just to get out of here. I needed to hear to be patient to know there’s a plan and there’s no need to rush anything. I feel like that’s the hardest thing to accept in life sometimes, that we don’t have full control of the outcome and to be ok with that. Although it’s a struggle for me daily, I’m learning to let go and stay still enough to hear the plan. One thing my mother always says to us is to write down all the things you are grateful for daily, when you express gratitude in your life, it will always be full of abundance. So although things are not exactly how I want them to be right now they are exactly where they NEED to be, its a part of my journey and story and I’m learning to be grateful for that.


    Wearing: UO beanie, Zero UV sunglasses, BB Dakota coat, Hidden Fashion skirt, Hue sweater tights, Jeffrey Campbell “Antonio” boots, Mark leopard gloves





    1. 20th December 2013 / 1:07 am

      Reading your post on the sermon you heard was exactly what I need to hear as well…I feel like I need to rush and move forward with my life, but it’s at God’s timing when it works out. Aha, hard to let go and let God sometimes, huh?
      Anyway, thanks for sharing that!
      Also, you look fabulous. Love the bright blue skirt and your cool, metal capped boots 🙂

      The Dragonfruit Diaries

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