• Mesh and Poms

    20151223_5242 20151223_5262 20151223_5281 20151223_5298 20151223_5327 20151223_5360Home has been unseasonably warm and I’m honestly not complaining. I was expecting to be freezing my little bootie off but instead I’ve been enjoying walking around and even feeling TOO warm. Freaky. Funny how when you go to different climates your body adjust, maybe because I’m from there but my body adjusted quick to Boston weather. When it was 60 it felt super warm. When it’s 60 in LA I’m layered up and shivering! lol

    On another note, omg its the last day of 2015. WHAT.THE.HECK.HAPPENED.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve learned some of the biggest lessons of my life this year and I know I will look back on this year for years to come and be eternally grateful. With hardships come lessons and bettering yourself and I’m so excited for 2016. Bring it on!

    Wearing: Forever 21 faux fur stole, H&M hat, H&M coat, Aldo over the knee boots, Blue Denim dress, LANY bag




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