• Mean Girls

    bare-rebel-boo-you-whore_1134 bare-rebel-boo-you-whore_1137I remember when I first watched Mean Girls. I went with my best friend and her little sister. I was in high school and we took her little sister thinking we were going to see a kids movie. Pretty much 10 minues in we were laughing and I’ve been quoting it ever since. Crazy how it became such an iconic movie for it’s time and will be remembered by my generation for years to come. The point of this story is when I saw this shirt I had to have it. The thought of walking around with the word whore on my chest all day is a little weird but I did it in the name of Mean Girls. “Boo You Whore!”

    Wearing: Bare Rebel top




    1. Cheri
      7th May 2014 / 2:04 am

      Yep remember and your story is a Memory you will Treasure for Life!

      Cute shoes! Looking forward to your next 30 sec You Tube!

      Thanks and Have a Brilliant Day! =D

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