• Maxi Tank

    20140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_6610 20140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_662320140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_665120140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_6659 20140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_6670 20140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_667220140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_6654 20140725_maxi-shirt-lulus-leopard-mesh-booties-walk-in-wonderland_6726I never wear maxi dresses, I’m just not into them for some reason. Maybe they’re a little too girly for my taste, but when I came across this Maxi tank I was like yup! It’s surprisingly versatile and lightweight. Only thing is my shorty self will always need to wear heels with it or it’ll drag on the ground. Well actually when I changed shoes to hang out with friends later I tied it in the knot on the bottom so it wouldn’t drag and it looked kinda cool. Maybe I’ll style it that way next time. Currently prematurely thinking of outfits to pack for Palm Springs and I think I shall bring this little number.

    Wearing: Lulus maxi tank top, ASOS x Catarzi hat, Lulu’s clutch




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