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    Matrix-total-results-repair-reparation_7631Matrix-total-results-repair-reparation_7610 Matrix-total-results-repair-reparation_7626Matrix-total-results-repair-reparation_7632 Matrix-total-results-repair-reparation_7655I’ve been in search of some new products for my hair since this weather has literally been killing it. It has been so dry and limp and I was seriously starting to give up. I never tried Matrix products before and don’t usually like switching up my beauty routines but this was desperate measures people. And I’m actually so happy I did. After straightening, my hair felt so soft and light and the curls actually stayed. I had been trying some homemade honey conditioners (review on that later) and did not get nearly the same results.

    I started with Total Results Repair Shampoo then used the Repair Conditioner. After, I left the Treatment in my hair for 3 mins before rinsing. You’re supposed to use the Strength Pak Intense Treatment alternately with the conditioner but I used both. Before straightening I used the Repair Break Fix. Blow dried then straightened.

    This is the first time since I’ve been back East that my hair feels healthy. Kind of sad I’m just finding this as I’m leaving but I’m sure it will still come in handy on the West. (The Cali weather for some reason is so good to my hair!)

    Omg I’m dreaming of good hair, good weather and good vibes. 2 weeks! xx

    Matrix products only found at salons. Check their website HERE to find a salon near you if you want to try them too!



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