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    Meet Miguel Nicolau, a 24-year-old Hair Stylist born in Portugal and raised in the States who has a love for European Fashions.

    Miguel is wearing Armani Exchange top, shorts, and scarf, Aldo boots, Guess watch, Robin’s Jean necklace, Diesel Ring
    Photos by Me

    How would you describe your style?

    It’s kind of hard to describe my style in just one category as I find myself dabbling in different looks all the time. I love european fashion and clothes that are fitted. I love things that also look a little worn or distressed. I love zippers whether they’re on my shirt, jeans, or shoes. I think they’re fun. I like bulky watches and chains. I’m not really into flashy logo T’s. Just because something is brand name doesn’t make it fashion.
    Whats your favorite piece in your closet right now?
    Ahh! Probably the transparent black mid zip shirt I wore for one of the pics. I kind of like how its a little see through!
    Where do you get your style inspiration?
    GQ, Details, All Saints Spitalfields 
    How important of a role does hair play when styling an outfit?
    Hair is like icing on the cake. It can totally change the whole look of your outfit. You could be in a blazer with a pair of sick pumps and have beachy messy waves and it will completely make your look more casual. On the other hand, you could slick it back into a tight pony or bun and turn it all into business. Same with hair for men, if I want to look more professional, I’ll do a little side part and slick it back. But for the most part my hair is always sticking up! =]





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