• MANDAPA, A Ritz Carlton Reserve

    For our first few days in Bali we had the pleasure of staying at Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve. A “Ritz Carlton Reserve” is unlike an ordinary Ritz Carlton hotel. It is more a boutique style hotel that celebrates the culture of the people. So it’s built around the culture.

    In Ubud, Mandapa is built right around a rice field with a family temple on the grounds. The backdrop is absolutely breathtaking when you arrive. Full of lush greenery and an endless skyline, we literally gasp upon arrival.

    They have in-room check in which is so nice because you can go straight to your room and don’t have to wait in a lobby to check in. They do greet you in the lobby with a welcome drink and cold towel which is so refreshing after traveling. They also provide you with a personal butler who you can contact for any request.

    The team was so kind as to create an itinerary for us, something you can do as well if you decide to stay here.  Our first night we just took everything in and enjoyed the in-room dining. It was a SUPER LONG flight and we needed to rest. We stayed in a suite and the room was so big which oddly made it more cozy. After being cooped up on a plane for so long, the more space, the better! I hate feeling crowded in hotel room or having my things everywhere and this room made it easy to keep our things organized and out of the way.

    The next day we woke up early to walk the property. I love that you can call a buggy to get you anywhere you need to be on the property because its quite big and you wouldn’t want to walk up and down those hills! Every time we called one they were there in less than 5 minutes!

    The rice fields are really cool to walk through and there is a temple in an open field in the back. You can even go down to the river. Mandapa is located on the longest river in Bali, the Ayung River. You often see river rafters passing by.

    After exploring we had breakfast on site. The breakfast was SOOO good. The best we had in Bali our whole stay. All the food and pastries were so fresh and the service is impeccable. Everyone calls you by name is so ready and willing to help. I’m sitting here writing this at the airport and my mouth is watering thinking about that breakfast.

    After breakfast we got a couples massage at the spa. They greet you of course with a drink. I love that tea and detox drinks are a common practice in Bali. I was LIVING. They took us to a room where they began with a foot bath as we overlooked the river. Then we received our massages to the sound of the river flowing by. It was so relaxing. Afterwards they led us to the relaxation room where we enjoyed some fresh ginger tea and cookies while we continued to overlook the river. I’m literally feeling so relaxed again just thinking about it. So good for the soul.

    After massages we they set up a lovely picnic for us on the rice fields. It was really cute to enjoy our food in our little hut in the middle of the field. You chose your meals before hand and you have a waiter serve everything to you with any drinks you like. Then they leave you to enjoy it in peace.

    After lunch, our butler was so nice to create a beautiful flower bath for me and it smelled so good! I HAD to try a flower bath while in Bali and Mandapa made it such a great and easy process.

    For dinner we opted for some traditional Balinese entrees. Our favorite was the duck and oxtail soup.

    We had some time to just enjoy to property and hang by the pool the next morning. They deliver you treats by the pool including these fresh coconuts. The pool is heated which in this weather you might not think is necessary but it is really nice to hop into warm water and not have to let you body get used to the temperature. I wish we had more time to swim!

    We had the best time staying at Mandapa in Ubud. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the property is absolutely stunning. We will definitely be back if we come to Bali again!



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