We’re finally starting to feel settled into our new place and just need a few final touches but I wanted to send a shoutout to @lugg for helping us with part of our move. If you have a small move or need to move 1-2 pieces of large furniture LUGG is a great company. They have an app you can download and schedule your delivery and lots of availability at a great price.

    It’s super easy to book a move on their app and you can track everything. You can even book last minute, we booked a move one time just the morning of!

    One of the coolest things I like about LUGG is that you can have them deliver from your local Home Goods and stores like it. You know when you see that amazing piece of furniture in the store and your car is too tiny to fit it? Welp now you have an easy affordable option and don’t have to bug your friend with the SUV to help you again!

    Check their site and app to see if they are in your city yet!



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