• Making A Negroni with Campari

    I always love finding new cocktails to make, so much so I’ve become the designated bartender at every family function. I just moved into my new place in LA and I’m so excited because it’s very host friendly. I’ve never really been one to host parties but now that I’m getting older and more settled I love the idea of having my girls over and sharing a few drinks. I just learned how to make a Negroni using Campari liquer so I wanted to share how I did it!

    The Key to a good Negroni is to use quality ingredients. Basically you don’t want to skimp on the quality of alcohol you are using.

    What You’ll Need:



    Sweet Vermouth

    Orange slice (for garnish)

    A Negroni is 1 part Campari, 1 part, Gin and 1 part sweet vermouth. I used 1 once for each for one glass.

    Then you use your orange slice as garnish. When it’s ready to drink I personally like to give it a little squeeze and drop it in my drink. It adds for a nice flavor.

    And then you just enjoy!

    There are so many yummy drinks you can make with Campari. Check out some more recipes here. Can’t wait to have my friends over to try some out!



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