• Lulus In St. Maarten

    20160817_634720160817_637720160817_638320160817_638720160817_646520160817_649020160817_6498Lulus.com is my go to when I travel. Their pieces always get me through in comfort. If there’s one thing I hate being when I’m traveling is uncomfortable! I even boycotted heels and decided to wear these sandals I got from them a little while ago.

    St Maarten is GORGEOUS. We have had so many adventures here and I am truly going to miss this place. Sometimes I want to leave all our first world problems behind and just jet off to an island permanently. It just seems so much more easy going here and less stress.

    The sea and I have become one considering all the ocean water I’ve swallowed! We basically lived in the water and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I wore these outfits to explore around the island a couple days and everyone kept asking me where I got my dress. It fit perfectly and I will definitely be re-wearing it off the island!

    Look 1: Wearing Lulus.com dress

    Look 2: Wearing: Lulus.com bra top and skirt, Lulus.com sandals


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