• My Makeup Routine

    Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer
    I must admit concealer is fairly new to my routine but now on most days I’ll start off using Make Up Forever’s HD Concealer #365 under my eyes, it conceals so well without looking cakey. Some days I only use the concealer without any foundation or powder, especially in the summer, I hate wiping makeup off my face on hot days, blah.
    MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation
    Normally (not on hot summer days of course) I wear MAC Studio Fix powder foundation in NW45  I love the coverage of it and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I tried millions of powders but this one seems to work the best for me because many powders for darker skin tones have a lot of reds in them and I need something with more of a gold undertone.
    Lorac PRO Mascara
    I was first introduced to Lorac Pro at Beauty Con last year and I am seriously a fan. I used to use Dior Show as my mascara because I love a dramatic eyelash but this one from Lorac Pro is even better believe it or not. And it has a curved brush so you can reach the small lashes in the corners of your eyes. I LOVE the way it makes my eyelashes look longer.
    Tarte EMPHASIS EYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner
    Tarte Cream Shadow/Liner is the best eyeliner in the WORLDDD! haha maybe not the world but I will never go back to a pencil or even those retractible liners. This one seriously last ALL DAY and it comes off dark and dramatic. I rub my eyes a lot so I knew this one passed the test when one moment of forgetfulness I rubbed my eye and almost freaked out that I ruined my eyeliner to find that it was still intact.  It also comes with the application brush which most of these cream liners don’t. The brush alone is like $20 so this one is so much more worth it, and not only because of the price.
    MAC Eye Shadow
    I like to keep my eyeshadow simple and neutral as possible and I always seem to be drawn to some variation of gold. The shade I use is called “Amber Lights.” I like this shadow because it goes easily from day to night and the shimmer adds just enough interest without looking like a Las Vegas show girl.
    Lorac PRO Powder Cheek Stain
    This blush or “cheek stain” (is there a difference) is interesting because it looks pink but on my skin tone it comes off a little gold and the way I seem to get compliments about it means I’ll take that as a good thing. The one I have is “Coral Crush.” I’m not sure if its supposed to come out that way and if it works that way on everyone but it emphasizes my cheek bones perfectly and I always use it when I want the complete “made up” look.
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Conditioning Brow Gel
    This brow was the product of receiving a sample from my Sephora rewards and becoming unintentionally addicted. I wore that sample out to the last drop and now I can’t do my makeup without it. I’ve tried brow pencils but I’m not so sure the super thick filled in brow looks that great on me, so I use the brow gel instead to keep my eyebrows in place without having the drawn in look.
    Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
    Last is the Make Up Forever HD Foundation. I wear N177. I only wear liquid foundation on SPECIAL occasions, (i.e. photoshoots or big events) otherwise I keep it super simple. Nevertheless, it matches my skin perfectly and is light weight. Apparently (according to the woman at Sephora) the fact that its HD means its perfect for any kind of lighting situation so I would recommend this for any photo/video shoots or special occasions when you will be photographed a lot.
    Ted Baker Bow Wash Bag
    I keep everything in my trusty Ted Baker Makeup Bag. It’s so cute with it’s little bow but I actually really love it because its plastic so, A. It can get wet with no problems and B. Any makeup that gets on it can be wiped right off. Amazeballs.
    Many of you had questions about my makeup routine so here you go! Hope I could help with any makeup choices. I love all the products I use so I recommend them all!




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