• Lost And Found: Making a Move

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    Confession: I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. Just out of my element and uninspired. I had to find a  new apartment but I just wasn’t feeling looking for one in LA. My sister is moving in January so I had like 4-5 months before I would be living with her. Which left me at a crossroads.

    So it go me thinking….There’s a reason I’m feeling this way. There’s a reason I can’t shake living in London out of my mind. And sooooo, I decided to move to London for a little bit. I can’t explain it but I feel it in my soul to be there. I was prepared to know NO ONE and meet people as I am out there and come to find out my childhood best friend will be living there while I’m there! Coincidence? I think not!

    So exciting for this new chapter and I’m already starting to feel inspired again. I love living in LA but sometimes God calls you elsewhere and you never know where that path may lead.

    So here is to allowing yourself to feel lost and following your gut to being found again.


    Photos by Monica Henriquez

    Wearing: Missguided pants (GET 30% off with code: ENOCHA30)



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