• London Bridge And The Best Place So Far

    On Emily’s last full day in London we basically braved it on the rainiest day since I’ve been here. I’ve lucked out and only got caught once in the rain since being here but today was a very wet drizzly day.

    First we headed to see the London bridge and ended up at the cutest spot for brunch, Blueprint Cafe, with a view of the bridge. This time I learned my lesson and made a reservation and of course it wasn’t event packed! They gave us a nice seat with the perfect view and the food was so good. It was definitely a place with a more upscale feel. The Shad Thames area where the restaurant was located was so quaint, it reminded me of Dumbo Brooklyn and the apartments on the waterfront in Charlestown Boston. The cute little streets seriously looked like a movie set.  After brunch we headed to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the queen… I wish! In fact we really wanted to do high tea at one of the fancy spots but didn’t realize it’s so expensive! 75 pounds each for high tea?! Maybe another time Felicia. The construction was killing the vibe of the palace. It’s crazy how much construction is going on in London around the historical building. I don’t like it!

    Then we went to the BEST Place ever! I felt like I had transported into the 1920’s when we walking into The Ned! It had a glorious atmosphere with live brass music and flappers that put on a performance and danced! They served high tea and had a restaurant in the back. And don’t get me started on the most beautiful bathroom I’ve seen in a hotel!We ended up having lite bites at the restaurant and enjoying the views. This by far was my favorite place so far in London. I want to come back decked out and have tea with my gloves and big hat!

    We called it an early night but not before heading to Wafflemeister and getting some waffles topped with whipped cream chocolate and strawberries!

    Currently forcing myself to sleep “early” cause we’re heading to Amsterdam in the morning!





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