• Little Dom’s

    Nestled on an unassuming corner in Silverlake lies a restaurant called Little Dom’s. I pass it often and it looks so quaint so I wanted to try it out. So glad I came during breakfast time because the Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes are EVERYTHINGGGGGG. They literally melt in your mouth. If you go here and get one thing, get that! The outdoor area is super cute for photos too. We came early morning on a weekday so it was quieter, just how I like it. So many other things on the menu sounded delicious too, I will definitely be back. Now that I’m writing this, I’m craving their pancakes again haha.  I love finding spots near me that can become my go to’s. The most annoying thing to me is deciding where to eat so I like to bookmark spots to choose from whenever we feel like dining out. The inside of Little Dom’s is cute too but it’s a little dim lit and I love being outside whenever I get a chance. Working from home will do that to you! So I’m always happy to share when I find an insta-worthy and delicious spot to add to the books! Get the pancakes and let me know how you like them!! xo



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