• Lackadaisical

    Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4606 Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4609 Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4628 Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4629Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4673Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4655 Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4659Jeffrey Campbell llama boots_4646Confession: I never really had super strong ties to material things but I think this blog has contributed a great deal to my lackadaisical attitude about fashion, ironic huh? I still love clothes but not to the point where I feel like I need to keep these shoes, shirt, hat etc. forever. This could also be due to me maturing and realizing building a life is more important then building a wardrobe (says the girl with a fashion blog) But seriously, whatever I buy or receive I can sell in a minute or even giveaway. As much as I love something one day, there will be a new thing I love the next so no need to feel super attached. ‘Tis why my closet is suddenly full of basic pieces (now basics you can never go wrong with or get sick of) But then come along these shoes that make me excited about shoes again. I mean I know people have their opinions of Jeffrey Campbell shoes (I love them personally) but seriously how can you not love these?! Let’s just see how I long I stay in love with them haha!

    Wearing: Locks and Trinkets dress, Jeffrey Campbell Llama boots via Nasty Gal, Vintage leather clutch

    p.s. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love blogging but more than showcasing an ootd I love being able to inspire and share my journey with you all as well as the amazing people I have met along the way. That’s what gives me life and keeps this blog alive. xx




    1. 16th January 2014 / 3:19 pm

      You look cute and I absolutely love the shoes!

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