• Lace and Layers

    20160801_8807 20160801_8816 20160801_8842 20160801_8843 20160801_8855 20160801_8859 20160801_8865Contrary to what I look like in photographs, your girl right here is…SHORT. I loved being short (makes dating a heck of a lot easier) but then I moved to Los Angeles and felt some kinda way. Like why are all you girls model tall! Ohhh, because you ARE models. Working in fashion did not help this cause for me. Although I do sometimes wish I could get like 3 more inches I’m back to being fine with my height.

    I might even be more then the fine that I used to be with it because part of the reason I mainly wore heels is cause I just felt so small. Lately I’m embracing it and loving my flats, sneaks, and all around comfortable shoes.

    I think the older you get the less you can deal with the pain of heels all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be over here having a heel burning party but I’m learning to embrace a good non-heel more often.

    Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 t-shirt, Adidas sneakers



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