• Kaffeine

    Am I the only one that likes to find cute coffee shops only to order tea? I don’t drink coffee but I can order a mean chai or turmeric latte. I found this cute little spot in Central London called Kaffeine and I met a fellow British blogger Annie here. I was a little disappointed because they didn’t have tea. Well not the kind of tea I wanted. So I ordered hot chocolate which ended up being much too rich for my blood. It was like pure chocolate and it wasn’t every sweet. This time my no coffee drinking self got bestest! Annie said her coffee was quite rich too so I’m pretty sure this is a place for hard core coffee lovers. Their pastries and food did look yummy though so maybe I’ll have to make a trip back to try them. On the way out I did grab a fresh mint tea to go and that was amazing but you can never go wrong with mint tea. I love that it’s really fresh when you order it. It’s literally mint leaves and hot water. YUM!

    If I could tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten rained on in London you would laugh. Like who am I? I grew up always having an umbrella on deck but a few years in LA and I just completely stopped accounting for rain. At least I’ve been a trooper. Life doesn’t stop because of a little rain! Still smiling!

    Wearing: Boohoo coat,  Missguided top (get 30% with code ENOCHA30), Missguided hat, American Eagle jeans, Zara boots



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