• Italy Travel Diary Pt 2: TUSCANY

    La Foce villa is a very beautiful villa in Tuscany in the COUNTRY side. I’m talking dirt road and gravel! But it really was beautiful overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany. After a long day of driving there from Rome we crashed early.

    The next day we had a lunch in a nearby town, Montepulciano with the wedding party. We all headed to the restaurant and winery Gattavechi where wine was free-flowing and we had a traditional Italian meal of 4 courses! Italians love their courses, oh man, and if you don’t finish all your food they will asked you if you liked it.

    The lunch was really good we actually couldn’t even fit all the courses in our belly. We decided to walk it off and head into the town to explore around. Montepulciano is a very small town but extremely charming. It is full a narrow hilly roads shared by people and cars and spectacular views. There were so many cute shops and restaurants everywhere. Parking was a bit crazy but we managed to find a great spot after circling a bunch of times. Make sure you look up what street and road signs mean in Italy if you decide to drive. Its a quick google search. Some people got tickets because they parked/drove where they weren’t supposed to. I wouldn’t say its the easiest to drive around Italy but if your patient, its manageable.

    We grabbed pizza to go while we were out so we wouldn’t have to leave the hotel again that night and warmed it up for dinner. Our villa at La Foce had a full kitchen, dining room and living room with 2 beds and 2.5 baths! Elizabeth and Frank really did it up!

    The next day we finally had a day off. We slept in and decided to just relax. We hung by the pool for a bit but there were so many bees we couldn’t hang for that long but honestly having a day to do nothing really made up for everything. Traveling with one person, even if its your significant other, can sometimes become daunting. There’s a lot of stress involved when traveling a foreign country and it’s only one person you’re bouncing all your energy off of all day everyday. So it was nice to have a break from doing anything. That night we went to La Foce’s restaurant Dopolavoro La Foce and it was SOOO good. One of the best meals we had in Italy.

    The next day was the wedding! Elizabeth and Frank’s wedding was absolutely stunning. Set right in the garden of the villa with a violinist and a setting fit for a queen, it was so magical. I have literally never been to a more extravagant wedding in my life. Elizabeth look absolutely gorgeous and everything was so perfect. I’m so happy her vision came to life. My favorite part of the wedding and quite possibly the most unique was the traditional Italian wedding cake which they constructed right in front of us. GUYSSSSS this cake was so good I could cry. I literally had a dream about it the next day. I wish I could find Italian wedding cake in the States. I would literally pay someone to make me one right now haha.

    The next day we checked out and drove to Florence. More on that in the next chapter. If you find yourself in Tuscany, I highly recommend stopping in Montepulciano it really was nice to explore such a small town in Italy.

    There are a lot of day tours you can do in Tuscany as well that might be better then driving and you get to see a lot. I recommend checking Viator for some!



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