• Into The Night

    20160207_8040 20160207_8058 20160207_8059 20160207_8073 20160207_8085 20160207_8091 20160207_8116 20160207_8120I never shoot at night, but I’ve been so MIA lately because of my crazy busy schedule and by the time the sun has set it’s always too late to shoot my outfit that day. So I decided F U sun I’m shooting day or night! And on an catch up session with old friends and 10pm ice cream on a Sunday I snapped a few pics in the night…

    Wearing: In The Style dress, She The Collection clutch, Missguided PVC boots





    1. 21st February 2016 / 7:38 am

      the purse is beautiful, would place an order for me!

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