• In(secure)ity

    locks-and-trinkets_2969Lately, I’m realizing  people around me who keep doubting themselves and clinging on to their insecurities. I look at these people and all I see are so many good qualities, but they seem to be stuck on the bad and the things that aren’t going their way in life. It’s hard for them to truly recognize that they have so many amazing qualities and great things going for them. (There’s one thing to say it but it’s another to live it and truly mean it)

    I guess this is just in time for the New Year but I’ve come to appreciate the importance of being thankful and grateful for what you have. There is so much good in you and in your life yet we seem to overlook  it many times so we can focus on the bad. I recently read a quote that stated the reason we have insecurities is because we constantly compare our behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reels. Imagine the people who only see your highlight reel and what they think of you.

    I have things I’m working on and working through that I would like to be better at but all anyone sees is my sense of style and features and music so they don’t realize that I have things I’m working on too. We all do. So don’t be ashamed or dwell on “mistakes” you’ve made and most certainly never cling to your insecurities, they do not define you. If we take the time to just realize all the amazing things we have to be grateful in life for we will all lead a happier fulfilling life and before you know it those insecurities will melt away.



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