• If You Have A Dream

    Martin-Luther-King-Times-of-ChallengeObviously on this famous holiday, everyone is going to be talking about Martin Luther King, or at the very least thanking him for a day off work. This holiday has been so watered down it’s actually become less relevant than Valentine’s Day. But no one really talks about the deeper meaning of this day. When was the last time, if ever, you really stood your ground for something you believe in? And I mean more than wearing that skirt even though your boyfriend hates it, but really something life changing for a generation or a people, something bigger than yourself?

    Unfortunately, we have become so transformed by technology we constantly vent our frustrations via the webosphere but then don’t go any further to help evoke an actual change. MLK was just the surface of civil rights, there are so many others who contributed in big ways, so many still contributing to this day to try to make this country equal (because let’s face it, we’re still not there yet) It will take more than 50 years to erase 100 of years of a culture’s consequence.

    But no matter what you stand for in life, maybe take this day to figure out how you can start to actually apply how you can make a change, big or small. I know I want to do this through my music and I strive for this everyday I sit at the piano. So if you had a dream, what would it be? And how will you do it?



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    1. Chuqqy
      20th January 2014 / 12:23 pm

      I have so many dreams but I know through hardwork and determination , they would come true. This post is really inspiring.

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