• I Tried Cool Sculpting For The First Time (1 Month Review)

    So I’ve been small my whole life but somewhere after 26 my body started storing fat in places I did not like! The place that bothered me most was my back, because it’s such a hard area to get rid of fat no matter how much you work out. It’s just STUBBORN! Any time I would take a picture you could see the lines from my back fat. I was starting to be real self conscious about my body and I hated the feeling.

    Insert cool sculpting. Back in August when Aesthetic Body Solutions approach me to try cool sculpting I said yasssss! It was something I had wanted to try for the past year to help with my stubborn fat. So I decided to give it a whirl.

    I’m going to get a little more personal then I usually do and share my experience and photos.

    Many people describe the procedure as easy and noninvasive but I’m going to go ahead and say it’s just way less invasive then surgery and there is no real down time but the procedure is a bit invasive. They put a cool patch on your skin before using a contraption that sucks onto your fat. Because I didn’t have a large pad of fat to suck on it did hurt a bit when it was on. It’s like someone pinching your fat and holding onto it so it’s not very pleasant. Then they turn the coolers on and after a while the area just feels numb because it’s so cold. Obviously I’m not using any technical terms but you get my drift!

    After about 35 minutes or so they take off the contraptions and this is the part that was the most unpleasant for me. It’s kind of cool cause your fat literally freezes in your body like a stick of butter but then they have to massage it out to break it up so you body can discard of it. Let me tell you it’s a VERY weird feeling to feel like your body is numb and cold and then have someone massaging it, it is both very weird feeling and very uncomfortable.

     But after this step you are done and you just watch the results! It’s best of course to exercise and still eat right to get the best results. To me it’s not a means to just being lazy and letting the cool sculpt do the work, its for the areas that even when you do the work they remain stubborn and hard to fix.

    I think it’s false to just assume something that helps get rid of fat is easy and completely pain free. The next few days I still felt numb and sore and had bruises but over time they faded and it honestly wasn’t anything unbearable by any means.

    And in the end, after seeing the results, it was totally worth it! The photos I’m showing are just 1 month after the cool sculpting procedure you could already see the results! I left LA before I could take picture of the 2nd month which I am now in, but the results keep progressing 3 months from the procedure date so I can’t imagine  how I am going to look in November!

    (One month results from September 2017)

    I have to say guys cool sculpting does work! I tried everything on my own to get rid of my new fat and this by far has worked the best. The team at Aesthetic Body Solution were extremely knowledgable and professional and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.

    If you want to try it make sure you as for Chelsie and say I sent you. If you have been looking for something to help with stubborn areas in your body I highly suggest it. I was to the point where I was going to hide my body because I really hated the fat lines and now I love that I barely see them when I look in the mirror.

    Let me know if you have any question and leave them in the comments below, I’m happy to help if this is something you would be interested in trying.

    To Inquire about the procedure and prices head to the  Aesthetic Body Solutions Website.



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