• How Uber Helped Me Travel The World

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    Earlier this year I posted on here how I decided to get rid of my car and travel for a few months. Honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and I really couldn’t have done it without Uber. We decided to save the money of a car note, insurance and gas (which is ridiculously expensive in LA especially when you have to use Premium gas!) and instead use that extra money towards travel!

    The idea of not having a car in LA can seem daunting but whenever we needed to go somewhere out of walking distance we used Uber. Uber has really given us the freedom and flexibility in our lives to not worry about a car and to focus on our travel goals and careers. I also love how versatile their services are and now they offer bikes and scooters!

    The JUMP Bike is an electric bike that is super easy to use.When I need to get around locally, this is such a great option. You just go on the Uber app and choose the “Bike/Scooter” option and it will show you all the JUMP Bikes near you! Once you find the bike you want you just enter the special code sent to your phone and it’s all yours. You can leave the bike at your destination so you don’t have to return it at the same spot. You just lock it and the time stops and you can carry on about your day.

    The best part for me is that I have way more time for my music. As a creative, the more hectic my life feels, the less creative I feel especially in my music. So having one less worry of a car and figuring out how to get places has been such a burden lifted.

    You don’t know how many times Uber has saved me when I had a last-minute meeting our opportunity that required transportation. There’s no way we could have balanced it all without it. These past few months I’ve felt so much lighter and free and we were able to quadruple our business!

    We will eventually get a car again but for not having the option to use Uber and the JUMP Bike we are in no rush! 




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