• How To Travel The World On A Budget

    When I started traveling a lot, I didn’t really have the budget for it, but I knew if I kept waiting for this crazy lump sum, I would never go anywhere. If you aren’t an influencer like me where you can essentially have a “workation” and get paid while traveling, then it can be really hard to bite the bullet and buy that ticket. I wanted to share some tips I have for taking that trip even if you think you can’t afford it. There are ALWAYS ways to make something happen if you want it bad enough.

    1. Believe you can do it. Everything in life starts with your mindset. If you believe you can do something, you can. It may not happen over night, you may need to save or pratice or “fail” a couple times but you can do it. I live my life this way and it never fails.
    2. Come up with a savings plan. Start a savings plan in an account you can’t access that easily. Capital One 360 has a great saving account option that features a 4 day “delay” to take money out of so it’s a good deterrent when you’re feeling the itch to spend it. Calculate how much you think you would need for a trip and how much you would need to save per month or per week and set up an automatic transfer out of your checking account into your savings. If you don’t have a specific trip in mind just start a travel fund for general travel. Set a goal for what you want to save and then set up the automatic withdrawals until you hit your goal.
    3. Use Google flights. By far Google Flights has never steered me wrong. Search for your flight destination and you can play around with the dates to see when it is cheapest to travel there. You can also set a tracker and Google will keep track of your desired flight dates and let you know when the price goes up or down.
    4. The 60-30 day rule. When traveling internationally buying the ticket 60 days out is cheapest and domestic is 30 days. If you can book literally the 30th or 60th day before a trip that is best. I always seem to get the cheapest flight.
    5. Sign up for travel websites that email you deals. Travel Zoo, Travel Noire, Conde Naste Traveller, Groupon are just a few sites you can sign up for and they will send you emails on travel deals. Some of them are amazing!
    6. Travel off peak. If you can take the time off work on off peak seasons it’s the best time to travel. Flights are cheaper, hotels are cheaper, and the area is less crowded with tourist. If you have a desired location to travel to search when their off peak season is and look for tickets in that time frame.

    These are just a few tips that have helped me find great deals when traveling. You will be surprised how affordable traveling can be when you set your mind to it and back it up with a plan. Never think anything is beyond your reach, I promise you it’s possible. Don’t ever let money hold you back.



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