• How To Stop Giving A F@#$ What People Think

    IMG_2939Most days I already feel this way. But a healthy reminder never hurt anyone.

    My two favorite motivators last year were Russell Simmons’ Super Rich and Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth (must reads!). Although they phrase it more eloquently they bassically remind me of the importance of now and how worrying about things only attracts what you don’t want. (aka what you resist persist)

    One thing I’ll never stop looking for is spiritual and mental growth. So I love when I come across articles that are helpful in this manner. Hence today’s article found on Life Hacking. It’s basically a reminder (or instructions) on how to stop giving a f%#$ and how to move yourself forward. Because the truth of it is if you give too many f%$#’s about what people think, that will inherently hold you back. Then it’s basically lose lose for all, ya dig?

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    1. 20th February 2014 / 9:32 am

      Hey girlie! I love your style, blog, and IG page, and you are my friend in my head lol.

      Anywhoo…not sure if this is the proper forum, but I’m currently trying to make the cross-country move from DC to LA and I see where you shipped your car to LA. If you don’t mind, could you let me know what company you used? I’m looking for a reputable company but it’s hard to weed out who is good. And since I don’t personally know anyone who has had to ship their car, it’s hard to get suggestions. Thanks in advance!

    2. 20th February 2014 / 1:20 pm

      excellent. thanks!

    3. 22nd February 2014 / 10:56 am

      I just found your blog and I love your style, your photos.. Great 🙂
      Have a nice time,

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