• How I Styled: Feathered Shoes

    feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_0905feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_1078feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_1108 feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_0966 feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_1023feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_1095So if you saw yesterday’s video, you would have noticed I started doing DIY’s, but only on shoes. I love playing around with shoes and always wanted to do this so I’m excited to share some designs with you gals. These feather shoes were so much fun to make and super easy and I happen to find the most comfortable shoes to do them on, win, win.

    Shoot me a message or leave me a comment if you have any shoe ideas you’d like me to try. I’ll have another one for you next week!

    Wearing: Missguided top, DIY shoes




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