• How I Styled: Aquazzura Wild Things Inspired

    aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_2974 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3005 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3042 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3048 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3055aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3105 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3119aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3067 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3129 aquazzura wild things heels_20150615_3154So excited about how these shoes came out! I almost like them better than the original :-O  Maybe that’s cause they were a fraction of the cost, that always helps in my book. But the more and more I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t splurge on the shoes because knowing me I would probably not even wear them as much. It’s all about cost per wear people.

    Wearing: DIY Aquazzura inspired heels, Boohoo two piece set 



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