• Home Sweet Home

    20151222_538820151222_5422 20151222_5439 20151222_544320151222_5410 20151222_5453 20151222_5475 20151222_5497AHHH it feels good to be home, to hop on the T, to walk my old stomping grounds. I seriously miss city living. If Boston had what I needed creatively I think I would still live here honestly. Even though this day I was literally getting rained on, I didn’t care because it had been FOREVER since I experienced rain and taking in all the magic of Boston during Christmas time, nothing could phase me.

    Also, I’m the crazy one that wears heels to walk around the city. I did it when I lived there too and these Aldo boots lasted my whole day of adventuring around boston.

    Wearing: Missguided coat, Ditto jeans, LANY bag, Aldo cireven fringe boots





    1. 31st December 2015 / 12:05 am

      You look so different on the East Coast! So decidedly *not* LA. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not, but worth noting. Cute on both coasts though! 😉

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