• Hibachi!!

    Sequins….5% old lady, 95% fabulous. Though you should wear anything sequin with caution, there’s nothing like a good ol’ vintage sequin jacket. I think it was the first time my nephew had seen anything like that as he looked at me with wide eyes and slowly exclaims, “Cooool!” lol…See even 6 yr olds get it!

    Photos by Rosena and Me

    Vintage sequin jacket, H&M pants, Steve Madden heels, Marc Jacobs bag

    Small family dinner at Japanese Steakhouse “Tokyo” (and by small I mean 12 ppl! yea thats small for us) The food was yum!

    Hmm…my hair is looking rather brown…think I might have to change that….






    1. 29th September 2011 / 4:02 pm

      Nice jacket! But not all of us can pull this look together. You look fabulously stylish in it! (Y)

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