• Happy Birthday To Me!

    IMG_3551So today is my birthday and as I enter into the last year of my twenties, I have mixed emotions of feeling underwhelmed yet excited all in one. I think the timing of it all with my grandma passing and other personal things make me not really feel like celebrating. But then I think we should be grateful for EVERY day we wake up alive and not just our birthdays and remember to sing another tune. With that, to me your twenties are a long decade of learning and lessons and you go into 30 being a boss because you’ve grown so much from your learning 20’s. This gets me a little excited and I plan on taking this last year and make it the best on yet so I can walk into 30 like a boss lady.

    To be real honest if I think about it too much I get a little bit of anxiety, like holy moly i can’t believe I’m almost 30. But instead of dwelling on everything I wish I had accomplished I am just going to go ahead and accomplish them this year. How bout that!

    Another thing I want to focus on is putting my all into God and truly knowing that that is enough. To leave my life in His hands and know that nothing else matters. If one thing I need to take away from my grandma is her strong love for Jesus. Any time you asked her a question Jesus was the answer. She never stressed, always worked hard, was smart with her money, and lived a blessed life.  So here’s to a blessed 29th year of life.

    I probably should have come up with this wish list earlier so people (hint hint) had time to gift me lol. But I wanted to put a little birthday wishlist out into the universe of things I’ve been eyeing to further my career.

    1. Canon 6d

    2. 85mm lens

    3. LogicPro

    4. Go Pro

    5. Lynda.com memebership




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