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    VLK_5402  VLK_5412 VLK_5417 VLK_5432 VLK_5444 VLK_5459 VLK_5468    VLK_5519 VLK_5523 VLK_5527   VLK_5571 VLK_5604     VLK_5653Last time I was home in the summer I had the pleasure of meeting some photographers in town. I love how beautiful my home city is and always like to shoot when I’m back East so naturally I had to link up with Kaiser to get some pictures done. This velvet jumpsuit is in keeping with my theme lately of being extra but yolo. If you’re in Boston visiting (or living) and need to shoot check him out HERE.


    Photos by V.L. Kaiser Photography

    Wearing: Missguided jumpsuit, Akira boots




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