• Gone With The Wind

    Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0537Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0750 Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0566 Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0614 Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0653 Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0671 Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0685Nov122014_aldo thigh high boots_0758The other day I realized I barely own and sweaters. As a girl from Boston I should be quite ashamed of myself. I NEED more sweaters in my life but when it comes to bite the bullet to spend money on them I never do, it ends up going to shoes or outerwear or basically any other clothing item. I’m really bad about buying tops in general. Does anyone else do that out there? Is there an item you know you need more of but you never seem to buy?? One day I’ll force myself to buy some more interesting tops and sweaters instead of the few basics that fill my closet….one day.

    Wearing: Grayson sweater (coming soon), Aldo thigh high boots, ZeroUV sunnies

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