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    jimmy choo anouk_20150213_1516Following the Essence Awards, I realized I was sitting next to and socializing with so many powerful, talented, black women. Women that have done and are doing so much in the entertainment world and many of them, we don’t even know their names. Like when I attended the Nike/Essence workout the day before, the luncheon and hi- fived Mara Brock Akil, the creator of, Girlfriends, The Game and Being Mary Jane and producer of shows like Moesha and The Jamie Foxx show. That’s just one tiny example. I couldn’t believe how much we represented as black women, but how little it represents in the online world. And that’s when it made me truly appreciative of publications like Essence Magazine who shine a light on all the black women doing amazing things, not just the select few.

    To get back to the title of this post. When I started looking up some of these major players on Instagram, they didn’t have that many followers. No where near the amount all the naked girls, fake butts, popular fashion bloggers, and just Instagram selfie girls had. And that really made me think, these women are too busy making moves, living life and basically making that money to worry about Instagram followers on that level. And to me that was a true testiment that the amount of followers you have on the interent speaks nothing to what you are doing in the real world.

    People think because you have a lot of followers you must be somebody, but truth is lots of people have a tons of followers and just sit at home taking selfies, and it’s sad cause little girls are idolizing this. They follow for the number but not the merit. Even though I know I probably can’t do much to change this mentality. I have peace knowing it doesn’t matter and that’s not where I’m going to focus my life. I rather focus on following my dream and accomplishing my goals and being successful.

    Just know your following doesn’t determine your success…you do. xx



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    1. Marsha
      23rd February 2015 / 6:00 pm

      Thanks for this extremely post! I’m going to keep this mind when I look at my paltry number of twitter followers.

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