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    IMG_7243_4191 IMG_7270_4218 IMG_7279_4226 IMG_7281_4230 IMG_7285_4233 IMG_7299_4246 IMG_7308_4255When Missguided ask me to take this dress from Day to Night I replied. “Challenge accepted!” And challenge it was. I almost never switch up the same outfit from day to night, I’m more of a go home a change type of girl but what I do love is being able to wear a piece you think you can only wear one time and making it versatile enough to wear in different ways in your closet. Thus layering this dress gave it the perfect day look which was completely different from the night look. Coming soon.

    Wearing: Missguided “Rosario” dress, Vintage blazer and belt, ASOS hat, Jeffrey Campbell “Antonio” boots




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