• Forever 21 Is Winning

    locks and trinkets melrod style_20151108_8710 locks and trinkets melrod style_20151108_8741locks and trinkets melrod style_20151108_8752locks and trinkets melrod style_20151108_8767Forever 21 is winning lately. I stopped shopping there because I would get so overwhelmed with all the options, it was hard to find pieces I like cause I can be an impatient shopper sometimes (hence why I love online shopping) But the other day Melissa and I walked into the store and there were so many cute things starring at me I couldn’t resist. Especially these jeweled toned pieces. #winning <3 <3

    I’m Wearing: Forever 21 sweater, pencil skirt, fur scarf, Jimmy choo heels

    Melissa’s Wearing: Forever 21 jumpsuit and blouse




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