• Floral Vest and Harem Pants

    20140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_770320140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_767420140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_7767 20140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_770920140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_7772 20140809_miss-scandal-floral-vest-harem-pants-white-sandals-missguided-uk_7757I wasn’t a huge fan of harem pants at first. They reminded me of my sister’s purple MC Hammer pants when we were younger. And they are still ugly cute to me and I think that’s why I’m drawn to them lately. They are definitely man repelling though. Danny totally didn’t get it and made it clear he hated them. On a more important note, lets discuss how Ms. Scandal is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands.

    Ms Scandal floral vest, Ms Scandal harem pants, Missguided sandals, Vintage belt, MAC lips

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