• Floppy Hats and Lace

    20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9133 20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9141 20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9144 20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9154 20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9165 20140820_asos-federal-slides-lace-top-black-fashion_9170A lot of this vacation has been me dressing very casually. It’s been ALOT of walking, a lot of theme parks which equals endless standing and flat out just relaxing. Flats have been glued to my feet but I’m really missing my heels.

    On a more important note, its been a whirlwind having my family visit for such a long time. They have never been to California (more on that at a later date) and it’s fun to see them on my turf this time.

    Wearing: H&M floppy hat, Lulus.com lace top, Leather shorts, ASOS Federal slides. Lulus.com bag 




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