• Boohoo Festival Quiz

    I took the Boohoo Festival Style Quiz and go figure that I got Coachella as the festival that best suits me. This past April was the first time I’ve ever attended but based on my answers I think they got it right! I’ve never been big on festivals but since living in Cali I’m realizing they are such a huge thing not only here but around the world. I’m hoping next year I can perform and attend Coachella and so many of the festivals I’ve been learning about this year.

    In honor of my result I’m doing a little memory lane of my Coachella outfits. I’m not really sure I understood exactly how to dress for a festival but I think I’ll be better next time! lolIMG_2821 IMG_3337_0243 IMG_3350_0256 IMG_3497_0119Take the Boohoo Festival Quiz here and see which festival you are. I secretly wish I got another one so I would have an excuse to take a trip but I guess I should just do it anyway! If you’re really into festivals or are thinking of going to your first one this is a great way to decide where to go.



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