• Feeling It

    20160117_6885 20160117_688820160117_689420160117_690120160117_6925 20160117_6939 20160117_6957 20160117_696420160117_692320160117_6982For a while I was feeling very blah in my own skin, flabby and just not sexy. Partially it was my eating but mainly it was my circumstances. I was just not happy. When you see yourself gaining weight or breaking out or not feeling as confident as usual, think about the circumstances surrounding you and how they are affecting you.

    Once I changed my circumstances and started doing things that really made me happy ta-da! I’m feeling brand new and sexy again! I’m just realizing too that’s probably why you have seen less and less of my body cons in the past few months but I’m bringing the sexy back again people, don’t worry!

    Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Gianvito Rossi heels via The Real Real

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