• Father’s Day

    jord wood watches fathers day_20150619_3492Father’s Day is around the corner and every year I have no idea what to get my dad, I hate the idea of thinking of getting your dad (or anyone) something only on special occasions, but I love when the right item pops up just in time for such special occasion. My dad loves watches and jewelry and when I was introduced to these JORD wood watches I thought it would be a different addition to his growing collection. I also thought it would be fun to have daddy daughter matching watches so I got one too! A lot of times we think of just mommy daughter but dads and daughters can match too. jord wood watches fathers day_20150619_3497I’m excited for him to get it.  The older I get the more I appreciate my father always being there for me and my family and just being a great guy. He’s a man of few words but with a very big heart and I grew up always feeling taken care of and protected and at times even a little spoiled (not gonna lie) In this day and age it’s sad to say that a good dad comes across as a luxury but that’s not true, there are so many good dad’s out there and I think we need to shed light on THAT so they can get the attention and act as examples for future dads to come.

    Good thing my dad doesn’t read my blog cause this would be a big ‘ol spoiler haha. Hope he likes his JORD watch!

    Me: JORD Cora Series watch  Dad:  JORD Dover Series Watch




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