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    black-chalkboard-backgroundConfession: I’m a big Family Feud fan. I’ve been watching the show since two hosts ago and  I actually love that Steve Harvey is the host now, he’s too funny. But on a more serious note, while watching a recent episode one of the questions in the fast money round was “Name something a woman chases” and the contestant (a woman) answered, “a man” If you’re familiar with the show, you know 2 members are asked the same questions in hopes of gaining 200 points. So then the next contestant comes on (also a women) and is asked the same question and her first response is “a man” too. Turns out that’s the number 1 answer.

    But what if the question was “Name something a man chases”? I guarantee no one’s first answer would be “a women.” Most like it would be money, cars, dreams, sex but not necessarily “a women” So what does this really say about us as women I wonder. Because I personally would rather chase my dreams then a man am I the minority? And the worse part is if I were ask the question I most likely would have blurted out “a man” too.

    Is this really what we think of women? That the number 1 thing in life they chase is men? It’s actually hard for me to form a solid opinion on this because frankly I think its sad but the saddest part is this statement is actually accurate for a lot of women.




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    1. 10th February 2014 / 1:08 pm

      I’ve also noticed some pretty misogynistic things coming from contestants on Family Feud (my family and I are big fans). It’s unfortunate that a lot of women perpetuate this idea about one another. I think the most we can do at this point is just to try and inspire each other to separate ourselves from the idea that we need men to be happy.

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