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    There’s just something about a good pair of jeans.

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    JH2A5598 JH2A5657 JH2A5681 JH2A5708 So apparently I’m extra guys! I’ve been told recently that how I style myself is more often than not more “stand-out” then the average person. But the truth is I just dress myself I don’t think about it long and hard most days and I just like to feel FABULOUS. Often times we feel like we need to adjust to please the masses but I say just BE YOU and the rest will follow. JH2A5752 JH2A5911 JH2A6001

    When you think of denim you don’t really think of glam but leave it up to me to make these super cute Express jeans glam. Let’s be honest I don’t look like this going to the grocery store (well not all the time) but I think it’s fun to play around with pieces. These jeans can go from day to night so easily and would look equally as cute with a t-shirt and sneakers as they would with heels and a blazer. So I wanted to show you how I styled my Express jeans to attend a couple events and for dinner with friends. I’m all about versatility people!

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    Which one is your favorite look? I’m really into the denim with the white patches at the hem. It really makes them stand out. I don’t shop much in store but when I do it’s for denim because the fit is everything and I love how these jeans fit!

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    Shop the pieces here: Look 1, Look 2



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