• Everyone’s Got One

    jeffrey campbell llama boots_4690When you choose a life in the spotlight/ in the arts weather it be  musician, artist, actor, blogging etc…you live a life subject to other people’s opinions. You actually become very accustomed to hearing it. Everyone’s got one, and everyone wants to share it apparently. I’m sure many of you have encountered this in your day to day in any industry you work in or in life in general.

    I am a person that rarely takes offense to things. Not saying I don’t get annoyed or angry when people say things but I don’t take personal offense to them (MOST of the time). But when it comes down to it, an opinion is just that…an OPINION. It’s not the end all be all of everything. I love hearing opinions because then I can decide weather to take it or leave it or maybe even take some parts and not the rest. But never will I give enough weight to anyone’s opinion to let it define my decisions.

    Because they are my decisions, they effect ME and taking someone else’s view on my my life could change my life and not always for the better. So I say, tread lightly on opinions and always stick to what you believe in and do what’s best for you in the end. Cause after all, it’s you who has to live with those decisions, not anyone else. And I know I’ll live a much happier life doing what I wanted rather than what someone else wanted me to do.





    1. Waithera
      18th January 2014 / 8:48 am

      what a gorgeous peplum top x

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