• Empowering Women: BBMA X UBER

    Sponsored by UberWatching the Billboard Music Awards this year meant so much more to me than just fun performances and pretty outfits. When I first moved to LA it was strictly to be a singer/songwriter. I had been recording and performing from my early teens and I was determined to “make it.” Well it turned out to be much harder then I realized, and the hardest part was that I had little support system in LA. My family was all in Boston and though their distant support is what kept me through, there is only so much you can receive 3000 miles away.

    So, I regrouped moved home and when I returned to LA my blogging “hobby” at the time took over my free time and eventually (years later) became my career. Music is not something I have put in the back burner, but now has become something I am allowing to grow and cultivate on God’s timing. Watching the BBMA’s reminded me of how many women performers are really breaking so many barriers these days. From hosting, to writing many of today’s hit songs, to headlining performances that leave you with goosebumps. I couldn’t help but smile watching them on the TV screen.

    Uber is positioning themselves to support this movement of uplifting our women and the BBMA’s was the perfect timing. Even the honoree this year was female, Janet Jackson, need I say more?! I dream to have a career like hers where she has paved the way for so many who followed her and created hit after hit song. Let’s not mention how good she looks and the way she can still command a stage!

     I love that it has become normal to see women’s hands all over the music industry from producing their own music to the sound engineers. It wasn’t always like this and we need to not take this change for granted. So, when I see other women moving out to LA like I did 8 years ago, I think it’s really important to show them support so they don’t feel as lonely and lost as I did. My sister just moved here a few months ago to pursue her acting career and I try my best to support her by helping take her headshots and attending her shows. Thanks to Uber for sparking this conversation. We need to show each other that we care about each other’s success because if one grows we all grow.




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