• Emily Is Here!

    Emily is here! Emily is here! My trip to London has been back to back visitors but I love it. My boo Emily is here and we are exploring different parts of the city and taking pictures along the way. Fun fact: Emily was my first friend in LA, we roomed together during a blogger trip to Magic in Los Angeles and 5 years later she’s one of my closest friends in LA.

    On her first day we tried to see Big Ben just to realize it’s under construction. BOOO. How did I not know this? I’m literally walking around the area looking for it then I notice, “Oh, it’s behind all that construction!” I hope they finish it soon because it’s really an eye sore. Then we headed to the Nasty Gal X Boohoo Preview event which was walking distance away. It was nice and kind of odd to go to a blogger event in London. People seemed more into it then they do in LA and everyone’s style was just. on. point!

    After we drooled at the pieces (seriously when did Boohoo get that cute?!) We headed to Oxford Circus (I know I know again) and did some shopping. We also grabbed a drink at Duck & Waffle to end the night. The Duck & Stormy drink if my fav!

    The next day we said we would wake up early but I’m still so jet lagged that 11am feels like it’s the butt crack of dawn. I strugggllle in the mornings. It’s not even that big of a time difference, I don’t even understand why. We headed to Shorditch, I actually keep ending up there even though it’s not that close to me but I think I got it down to the best rout on the train. We wanted to go vintage shopping and heard there were good shops on Brick Lane so off to Shorditch we went.

    We ended up being hungry so we made a pit stop to Ozone Coffee Roasters (thanks again YELP!) and had the most delicious food and drinks. Emily got a vanilla latte and I tried it and it was SOO GOOD. I don’t even like coffee so that’s saying a lot. I stuck to my tea, which they served extra fresh. Lemon ginger tea to be exact with actually fresh lemon and ginger seeped in a clear tea pot. This place is a must go to!

       After almost getting hit my cars multiple times trying to take pictures in the street finally headed to The Vintage Market on Brick Lane. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. I used to love Beacon’s Closet in Willamsburg NY before they got all mainstream on me. It was my go to for vintage and thrifted clothes. I would shop there for hours. The Vintage Market brought me way back to my vintage days, it was such a dream with amazingly curated vintage pieces. I actually ended up realizing I’m not into vintage as I used to be but the little girl inside of me was soooo giddy in this place.

    After trolling around some more we went back to my place to relax and then headed out later that night to meet my friend. Ok this is the second time I tried to go out in London on a Friday and got burned guys! Everywhere was packed and if you didn’t have a reservation they turned you away. This Brits go in. After being turned away by a bunch of places we found an Indian tapas restaurant called Dishoom that would seat us! After waiting about a half hour we were seated and the FOOD WAS SO GOOD. (Thanks again Yelp) I promise Yelp is not sponsoring this, they just win. After a few drinks and lots laughs we decided to bring are granny bums home. It was so nice catching up with my childhood friend who we met up with. I haven’t seen her in a while and we both happen to be staying in London these next months so I’m happy I have a familiar face from home to hang with while I’m here.

    It’c currently 2:20 am and I’m writing a blog post, I’m so cool guys. But seriously, I’m embracing every part of this journey, so far London has been a blast. Emily is here one more day then we will spend the rest of her visit in Amsterdam, we’ve both never been so I’m sure I will have some entertaining stories.


    Look 1: Lasula Jacket

    Look 2: Bershka Sweater, H&M Pants, Thacker backpack



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