• Elan Cafe

    Besides hibernating and avoiding the cold, I feel like these past few days I’ve just been eating in London. I love finding different cute cafes and boy is London full of them!

    Today I headed out with Andrea, @brasinailty,  to have lunch. Elan Cafe is a quaint little cafe in London with the cutest decor. With walls adorned with flower,s and the most delicious looking sweets, I was in heaven. You can’t make a reservation so we waited a bit to get a seat downstairs (its worth it to wait). The cafe is very small but for a Saturday at 2pm the wait really wasn’t bad at all.

    We ordered the eggs on a muffin which was a poached egg (they wouldn’t make it any other way) on an open english muffin (though they don’t call them English muffins in England lol) and had lamb sausage on the side. I said it before and I’ll stick to it. London is not winning for breakfast. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but coming from a place where breakfast is everything I honestly have not been impressed with breakfast food in London at all. Anywhere. And boy do they loved their poached eggs!

    BUTTT that’s not why I would come to Elan Cafe anyway. COME FOR THE CAKES and BAKED GOODS!! They have so many to choose from and they all look delicious. We got the red velvet cheesecake and the chocolate mousse cake and both were amazing. But you guys already know my favorite thing about London. TEA! The waitress recommended the flora tea which is a tea with an actual flower that blooms in the hot water when it’s served to you. It was so cool to see it blooming before your eyes! I was worried the tea would have too strong of a floral taste but it was perfect!

    Another favorite cafe in the books. Thank God all the walking in London burns calories cause I’ve been going in on these sweets! lol

    Wearing: Nasty Gal kimono, H&M pants



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