• Dove Dry Shampoo #SkipAWash


    Ok guys I have to admit, I’m a dry shampoo virgin. I usually don’t wear my hair bone straight but I love it so much it’s been my hairstyle of choice lately. Well…..since my hair is curly, when it’s straight I like to keep it straight as long as possible. Wash day is a chore, the longer I can push it back, the better. So when given the opportunity, I decided to try Dove’s #SkipAWash challenge to see if this dry shampoo would work for me.

    For some reason I never thought dry shampoo would work for my kind of hair. But to my surprise this Dove Dry Shampoo worked so well! It gave my hair some life back and it definitely felt lighter and less weighed down. When you have corse curly hair, you already don’t need to wash your hair as often as the oils are good for your hair, but there’s a point where your hair just gets lifeless. I love that now when it gets to that point I don’t have to labor in the bathroom washing, blow drying, and straightening my hair. Just spray some pumps of Dove’s Dry Shampoo and live has been given!

    Have you ever tried dry shampoo? Let me know what you think and if you haven’t you should try the #SkipAWash challenge too and see how you like it!

    p.s. It also smelled amazing!





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